PCB wants confidence from BCCI

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PCB wants confidence from BCCI about the clearance for regulating into the World Cups

PCB is on its foot to get a free call over the world cup organization and settlement.

There is a lot on the plate that is going on with the PCB regarding the world cup regulation which includes the concerns on the visa and clearance process.

War is still on, hence there are fewer efforts seen in the World Cup game allocation for the country players. PCB has also held a healthy hand to the ICC to get a written notice via BCCI and it's not getting light in regards to the communication and allowance for the T20 World Cup events. 

It is also said that the matches are to be clutched in India or Australia as per the recent reports. 

PCB quoted saying “We are also looking at the fact that the ICC World Cups are to be hosted in India in 2021 and 2023 and we have already asked the ICC to give us written assurances from BCCI that we will not face any problems getting visas and clearance to play in India.”

Source:- https://www.essentiallysports.com/

Let's see what goes into the well being of the matches, we are eagerly waiting.

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