Third Day of Second Test Match

Today’s test match was very good for the Indian team as the team won by six wickets. Ravindra Jadeja, an all rounder player was the star performer in today’s match. His bowling technique in the match acted like a weapon against the Australian team. The match was held at the Arun Jaitley Stadium which is situated in Delhi. 

As today the team won against the Australian team, now the Indian team is retaining the Border Gavaskar Trophy. By winning today's match the Indian team is at the lead with 2-0 in this four match series. We already know that the opening match was also won by the Indian team only, which was held in Nagpur. 

The win of the team in Delhi was the 100th win of the Indian team in all the formats against the Australian team which was a very prestigious thing for the nation India. Next test match will take place on the 1st of March, 2023 which will be played at the Holkar Cricket Stadium which is in Indore. 

Today, Ravindra Jadeja had a great performance. He took seven wickets in today’s test match by giving just forty two runs to the Australian team. All over he took around ten wickets in the test match. He has the main role in the team which made a 2-0 of the Indian team in the test matches.

The batters of the Australian team had lost their wickets today, as they selected the wrong shot at the wrong time and lost the wicket. The Australian batters were all bowled out at 113 runs. The team lost the nine wickets by making just only fifty two runs, there was no fault of the pitch but their minds were very messed up and this was the reason for their downfall in the match held today. 

Another bowler named Ravichandran Ashwin also took three wickets by giving fifty nine runs to the Australian team. He acted as a supporting bowler with the Ravindra Jadeja. Around eight Australian batsmen did not cross the double figure in the runs and that is the biggest achievement for the bowlers of the Indian team. 

The captain of the Indian team, Rohit Sharma made a score of thirty one runs in just twenty balls by hitting three fours and two sixes and after that got run out by Alex Carey. Next player KL Rahul scored just one run in three balls and got catched out by Alex Carey and the ball was Lyon. Next comes, Cheteshwar Pujara who was still in the pitch till the end and made a score of 31 runs in 74 balls. 

Virat Kohli also did not score much, by just scoring twenty runs in 31 balls by hitting 3 fours, then he got out by the baller T Murphy. Shreyas Iyer, a good batsman today scored twelve runs in just ten balls and then got catched out by T Murphy. Srikar Bharat was still playing by making 23 runs in 22 balls.