Tiger Woods returns to Golf

img source:abc.net.au

Tiger Woods returns to Golf

He is back with a burst of enticement!

It is all done in the PGA tour and the memorial golf tournament. This is also a tournament that has been won five times by him. Now he has kept his feet again into the game. Also previously in the winner's list he had scored a PGA of 83 as a whole. 

COVID has been in rising for few months but now players like woods have again kept their sportsmanship alive by participating in the Golf legacy.

He is one of the most recognized Golf players in this line which clearly shows his love as well as the spectator's respect for his play.

"Well, even in college I had a few people following," he said with a slight laugh. 

"I've had cameras on me since I turned pro, so it's been over 20-some-odd years that virtually almost every one of my shots that I've hit on the Tour has been documented.

Source:- https://www.abc.net.au/

It's great to see the spirit!