Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan Dies due to Earthquake

A very hardworking and famous goalkeeper Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan died in an earthquake which occurred in Turkey. We know that an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude occurred on 6th February, Monday which affected many people and their lives.


The earthquake occurred in Turkey- Syria which very much affected the city of Gaziantep and many other neighbouring cities and towns. Ahmet Eyup was missing on the 6th February. Afterward, the authorities found his dead body which was buried under the debris.



Ahmet Eyup’s club, Yeni Malatyaspor, confirmed his death after the dead body was found. They said, “Our goalkeeper, Ahmet Eyup, is no more after the earthquake occurred as he was stuck”. They wrote “Rest in Peace our player and we will never forget you” on their official Twitter handle.



More than nine thousand people died recently in Turkey after the earthquake took place. Many people have been stuck under the collapsed buildings and died. The first earthquake occurred on Monday after that many quakes were also seen in Turkey.



The Government first said the death rate crosses five thousand but after a day other earthquakes also occurred and the death rate rose from five to nine thousand, which is a very huge number and a very sad thing.



Many people got injured and the authorities are still rescuing them. Many countries have sent help to Turkey so that people could not suffer in any of the circumstances and they get first aid and food as soon as possible.



The higher authorities have tried to help each and every suffering person, but yes now also many of them are still waiting for help from the government. Government is trying its best and will rescue each and every person very soon.



Christian Atsu and former Chelsea were also reported missing after the deadly earthquake occurred in Turkey. But Christian Atsu was rescued finally as he was beneath the collapsed building, some injuries were found but we hope that he will be fine soon.



Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan was a professional footballer from Turkey. He was born on 11th September in 1994 and unfortunately recently died at the very young age of twenty-eight on 7th February in 2023. He was basically an excellent goalkeeper who came from Turkey at a very young age.



His youth career started in the year 2007 till the year 2011. In 2013, he started his senior career. On 3rd June in 2017, he made his debut for the Osmanlispor team which played against Besiktas. He then officially played his next three seasons with Osmanlispor. In 2012, he was honored with the Spor Toto Cup.



Many of his fans still do not believe and are in shock after the officials gave a statement on their social media handle. Everyone is sending condolences to his family and friends. This is really a tough time for each person living in Turkey; many of them are trying to help themselves and others too in this difficult time.