Akshdeep Singh Breaks the National Record

Akshdeep breaks the national 20 kilometers race record. Akshdeep Singh has established the new record in men’s race with 20 kilometers and he won the title at the National Open Race Walking Championships which was held in Ranchi. He is currently just twenty three years old and a reluctant trainee. He is from a small village named Kahne Ke which is in Barnala district of Punjab. 

Akshdeep Singh almost opted out of the competition. He had been inconsolable from the past five days following the unexpected passing of his beloved grandfather. This dynamic player just wanted to catch the first train and wanted to go to his home. He was literally very sad by this sudden bad news about his grandfather’s death. 

After the race took place he gave the statement that he was very close to his grandfather even if he is not with him today. 

He is just very shattered by the news. He just wanted to go back home and meet his family but his family said to him to stay back here only and first focus on the tournament going on. This situation is very difficult for him and his family too but then too his family told him to just first finish off his game and perform very well. 

He also said, it was very heartbreaking for him to see his beloved grandfather for the last time and the last rites of his grandfather which are being performed on a video call virtually. He loved his grandfather very much as we can all feel this by his statements given today. 

What his parents said he performed it very well, he accomplished with flair. Akshdeep Singh also broke the previous national record created by Sandeep Kumar. Sandeep Kumar had the record to complete the 20 kilometers race in just one hour twenty minutes and sixty seconds but Akshdeep Singh has completed the 20 kilometers in just one hour and twenty minutes. He now became the first Indian to do this in this time. 

With a qualifying time of one hour nineteen minutes and fifty five seconds Akshdeep Singh has now qualified for Paris as the first competitor. Priyanka finished this in one hour twenty eight minutes and fifty five seconds slower than her previous record which was set in the same city in the last year in 2021. 

After completing the twenty kilometers 

Akshdeep Singh said, despite not being shocked he is pleased with the outcome. Then he also stated that he really expected to complete it before one hour twenty minutes. He also said the track was very good and quick today and the weather was really fantastic. We never felt dehydrated at any time while racing.  

According to Akshdeep Singh the tournament was the finest one he could ever have domestically in his own country. He said that this international preparation and exposure will really help him and he is heavily influenced by this competition. Akshdeep Singh will be playing next month in March which will take place in Japan.