Christian Atsu pulled alive out of Earthquake

Christian Atsu, a player, was stuck in an earthquake of very high magnitude  that occurred recently in Turkey.

On Monday he was missing after the earthquake took place in Turkey. The quake was of around 7.8 magnitude. According to the reports, many buildings collapsed and the death toll crosses around five hundred people.


Christian Atsu has been rescued and found alive after this big disaster. Hatayspor, the Vice President of Astu’s club, gave the statement in the media on Tuesday that is 7th February 2023, that Christian is missing since the earthquake occurred.


Vice President Mustafa Ozak told Radyo Gol that Christian Atsu has been rescued but he is very injured. The sporting director is still missing and he is still stuck under the rubble and they are looking for him. Earthquakes are still occurring in Turkey and that creates a very dangerous situation for the people.


His full name is Christian Atsu Twasam. He was born on 10th January, 1992 in Ada Foah which is in the Greater Accra Region. He plays football professionally for Ghana. His position in the game is Winger. He is currently thirty-one years old. He plays for the Turkish Super Lig club and for the national team, Ghana.


Currently, he is playing under the team as a Winger. His youth career started from the year 2009 and ended in the year 2011. Then, his senior career started from the year 2011 and is still present. His international was of around eight years which started in the year 2012 and his last international match was in the year 2019.


He represented his nation on many platforms. Ghana team was the runner-up at the Africa Cup of Nations which was held in Guinea in the year 2015. For the years 2013 to 2014, he was announced as the Vitesse Player of the year. In 2017 and 2015, in his individual game, he was also honoured with the Africa Cup of Nations Team of that particular tournament.


Again in the year 2015, in his individual game, he also achieved the Africa Cup of Nations Goals of the tournament. On the first of June in the year 2012, he won his first ever senior cap which was against Lesotho for the national team of Ghana.


In 2014, he was also selected in the squad at the FIFA World Cup. He is basically from a Christian background. On 6th February he went missing in an earthquake that occurred in the Turkey –Syria area. First, the officials informed that Christian Atsu was missing on the 6th of February but the next morning on the 7th of February they confirmed that he has been rescued with some injuries but otherwise he is alright.


His fans and family members were really happy at the news that Christian Atsu has been rescued and is very well now. Yes, some injuries occurred in his body but we know he will be fine soon.