Australia VS India:3rd Day

Today is 11th February 2023, Saturday was the third day of the test match which was played between the Australian team and the Indian team. As we know both teams are incredible and have many good players on the team. But today, on the Indian pitch of Nagpur, the Indian team made a very dynamic score against the Australian team.


Firstly the game was thrilling when the Indian team was at the score of just 240 runs and with seven wickets this created a very difficult situation for everyone. But the next coming players said “Don’t worry we are still here”  and then we saw the great performance by the forthcoming players on the field.

The Indian team won the match today by 132 runs, as the team had many resources against the Australian team which gave them positive confidence while playing. This positivity definitely leads the Indian team towards victory.

In fact, the bowlers of the Indian team also showed very great performance in batting. Mohammed Shami had stretched the score by making thirty-seven runs and pushing the score to four hundred runs against the Australian team. Now the Indian team is a 1-0 lead in the match series of four.

Another fantastic player named Axar Patel, today hit a giant score of eighty-four runs which helped a lot in creating a huge milestone of runs against the Australian team. Today, Axar Patel gave a chance to Mohammed Shami to also show his skills in batting. He let him attack through his batting against the team.

Ravindra Jadeja scored seventy runs and got out, as he suffered an injury on the ground while he was bowling through the stumps. We know he has the ability to do much better but due to injury, his batting suffered today. We hope that he will be well soon and again come back with great energy.


Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel, in a partnership, scored about eighty-four runs but then Jadeja got out. Mohammed Shami was the next player to come and with his and Axar’s partnership, the Indian team pushed the score by fifty-two runs.

The Indian pitch of Nagpur has not changed much from the first day. The pitch didn’t lose its character today either. The rise was a little slow turner in any of the batsmen is ever ready to grind it out, he will definitely succeed.

The Indian team really made a huge score which was very difficult for the opponent team to beat. The team already knew that the innings for the team were going to be very difficult. But the way the team collapsed in that too just only one session being dismissed in just only 91 runs within just 32.3 overs gave them really a nightmare.

Even without the actual demons on the ground of Nagpur, the deft spin attacker of the team led by Ravichandran Ashwin was able and enough to destroy the order of the batting of the Australian team players.