Best Female Hockey Players Of 2022

Hockey is a sport mainly played by men, but there are many good women players too in the World. Women have proved themselves in every field. We have many elite hockey players, and we have seen many great performances.

Women have given commendable contributions in the field of Hockey. These players are now known in every corner of the world whether it is Canada or USA. These players have marked their territory in this game and these women inspire a lot of women around the globe.


Both nationally and internationally, these women stand in representation of their nations. They have also established many unbreakable records and received countless honours. Let’s take a look at some of the best women hockey players of the year 2022.


1.    Hayley Wickenheiser

She is regarded as the finest female hockey player in history. Hayley started playing hockey when she was quite young. She made a name as a dominant player and that too in no time. She won many Olympic medals, which include 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal. She also won many World Championships.


She is very well known for her skills, excellent talent, and her dedication to her game and team. She had significant career success and serves as an inspiration to many athletes.


2.    Marie Philip Poulin

The next player is Canadian. Marie has been a dominant face and a strong candidate in the women's hockey world for more than 10 years. In the Olympics, she took home two gold medals.

She comes in the list of the top scorers of women’s hockey which is such a proud thing for her community. She is very well known for her skills and ability to score in very difficult moments, which makes her more valuable for her team.

3.    Meghan Agosta

Another Canadian player is one of the most skillful and talented goal-scorers in women’s hockey competitions. She has won 3 gold and 1 silver medal in the Olympics. She has won 2 golds and 6 silvers in World Championships.

She is a very strong contender because of her abilities and her speed. She is renowned for both her abilities as a leader and her dedication to her group.

4.    Angela Ruggiero

He is an American defenseman, who has been placed at number 4 on the list. Angela is considered the best player one has ever seen. She was also named the top defenseman at many of the world championships. 


She won 4 Olympic medals. She was mainly known for her strong defensive play and offensive abilities. Many of the participants look up to her.


5.    Brianne Jenner 

Brianne Jenner is a skilled and very versatile player. She has triumphed at both the world championships and the Olympics.

She is basically known for her ability to play in every difficult situation. She handles every situation of the game very calmly. She is a fantastic leader and has a quality of sportsmanship.