Best Male Sprinters

Superheroes do exist, and we will talk about them today. The speed of a normal person is 6 to 12 km/h while running, but there are some miraculous people who have proven themselves by their incredible speed. They do a lot of practice and are very disciplined with their daily curricular activities. 

We have also seen the achievements of these players too. The Olympics is a great platform where different players show their skills and talents. The 100-metre race is the very well known format in racing which is the shortest.


Let’s just go through  some of the great sprinters on tracks in recent years. 

1. Fred Kerley 

The first player on the list is Fred Kerley; he is an American sprinter and comes at the top position. He started his career when he first participated in the 400-meter races, and now he also participated in the shorter 100 and 200-m races.

He has done very great in every category; recently he won a gold medal for the World Athletics in 2022.  The clocked time was 9.76 when he ran in 2022. We hope to see more unbreakable records in the coming years.


2.   Trayvon Bromell

Another player from America plays in 100 meters and 200 meters. He became the first-ever player who broke the ten-second restriction in 100 meters when he completed in just 9.97 seconds and that’s how he set the junior 100 meters record.

In 2022, again he again grabbed the second position as the fastest man when he performed very well and clocked in just 9.81 seconds.


3.   Ferdinand Omanyala

The next athlete is from Kenya, a country from which we have yet to get a good player like him in this field. Ferdinand has proven himself around the globe due to his incredible performances.

He is a record holder in Africa. He came to 8th position as the fastest man in the whole world of all times when he clocked 9.77 seconds in 2021 on 18 of Sep which was held in Nairobi. Another record is 9.85 seconds in the year 2022.

4.   Marvin Bracy

He was a former footballer in America, but he quit his career in football as he wanted to start his professional career as a sprinter on the track. And we truly think that his decision was very good as in when we see his performance on tracks, he is from the list of best sprinters.

He gave one of his best performances last year when he clocked just 9.85 seconds to win the World Indoor Championship IAAF.


5.   Yohan Blake

The next sprinter is from Jamaica. He won a gold medal at the Athletic Championships in 2011.  He then became the youngest 100 meters champion in the world ever.

In 2012, he had the best record of his full career that is 9.69 seconds. He won many gold, silvers, and bronze too in many formats of racing. He is truly a great inspiration for the people of Jamaica.