These 5 Top Cricket Players Battled Cancer Courageously

Cancer has had a significant influence on the lives of cricketers, but they fought it valiantly and refused to let it change their moral standards. Life has its ups and downs, as we all know, and the greatest thing we can do is fight them head-on. I'm going to talk about several Indian cricket players' problems with cancer and how they overcame it.

Here Are Best Cricket Players Battled Cancer

  1. Yuvraj Singh 

Yuvraj Singh, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup's Player of the Tournament, was diagnosed with seminoma lung cancer not long after leading India to a historic series triumph. The most dismal period of his life occurred then. Yuvraj to the US to receive medical attention. Although the six weeks of therapy will be difficult, the doctor believes that he will recover and be able to play again in the end. Three rounds of severe chemotherapy are administered to Yuvraj. After much struggle, he at last made a comeback in international cricket. After both of them personally beat cancer, Yuvraj Singh and his mother founded the YouWeCan Foundation in 2012 as a nonprofit organisation that works to inspire everyone to overcome cancer.

  1. Arun Lal 

Indian cricketer Arun Lal, who is now retired, dedicated everything he had to his career and his nation. However, he had to start a challenging journey when he was given the diagnosis of adenoid cystic carcinoma in 2016, a rare type of cancer. He said that maintaining a high level of immunity is essential in the fight against cancer. He underwent a 14-hour operation, radiation therapy, and a new jaw.

"After all, it is an illness. You must have faith in your ability to overcome it. You are without other options. You must be ready for the worst-case scenario. wishing you well, "said Lal.

  1. Budhi Kunderan 

Budhisagar Krishnappa Kunderan, an Indian cricketer, participated in the match. He was a wicket keeper for the majority of his playing career. He was the first wicketkeeper to accumulate 500 runs during a Test series. He is one of the greatest cricket players in history. He tragically succumbed to lung cancer in 2006 and passed away in Scotland at the age of 66. After being given a diagnosis in 2005, he underwent many rounds of radiotherapy. He will be remembered as a versatile wicketkeeper who also happened to be a decent person.

  1. Jai Prakash Yadav 

Unluckily, a cancerous tumour was found in a young man named Yadav, 21, who was trying to make it big in the cricket world. At the beginning of his cricket career, it was shocking and difficult for him to get through such a difficult moment in his life. He was injured and told he would never be able to pursue his aspirations, but with the aid of his family and prompt medical attention, he was able to make a full recovery. Later, he participated in 12 ODIs for India and even assisted Indian Railways in 2004–2005 in winning the Ranji Trophy.


  1. Yograj Singh 

Right-handed fast-medium bowler Yograj Singh competed for India in six One Day Internationals and one Test before switching to acting. He is the father of Yuvraj Singh. He was given the news that he had vocal chord cancer in 2012, following the successful treatment of his son's disease. A successful operation was conducted in the USA.