Top 5 Best Women Sprinters We Have Now

A generation of amazing female sprinters from throughout the world have emerged, setting incredible records. America and Jamaica have historically produced the top and most of the sprinters.

The sprinters who are at the top level, typically have a strong physique and a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of this field.


A woman can achieve anything in this world and we will give you some incredible examples today in this article. Some of the top women Sprinters are there and we will tell you some of the amazing things about them.


So, let's take a brief look at the best of the best women sprinters of the world in history.


1.    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 

The Jamaican woman athlete was born in December 1986. She competes for the Jamaica team. She has a very long history in this track and she is regarded as one of the topmost and finest sprinters of all time.

She is considered as one of the prettiest women sprinters around the globe. She is a very consistent player and an incredible sprinter. She won three golds, four silvers, and one bronze at the Olympic games. She has achieved gold ten times at World Championships, and that's unbelievable.


2.    Shericka Jackson

Shericka was born in 1994 July and is a contender from Jamaica. She comes second in the world in 200-metre sprinters. She won three golds, two silvers, and three bronze medals in the World Championships.


She also won a gold in 2020 Tokyo in the 4×100 metre relay at the Olympic Games. In the year 2022 she also won a gold in Diamond League in the 200-metre track. She has also won 2 gold and one silver in NACAC Championships.


3.    Elaine Thompson Hereh

Another incredible player representing Jamaica. Born in the month of June 1992.

She is on the list with the third position as the quickest sprinter in the world.  She has won gold in the Olympic games approximately five times.

She has also achieved one gold in 2014 in the 4×400 relay and two Golds last year in Birmingham in the 100 and 200 metres track in the Commonwealth games. She also won a single gold, two times silvers, and a single bronze in the World Championships.


4.    Marie-Josee Ta Lou

Another dynamic sprinter is from Africa. Born in November in the year 1988. She has received gold medals in the African Championships thrice. She won one gold in the continental Cup.

First, she was a trainee of football, but then she changed her career to a sprinter as her elder brother convinced her to do so and the rest is history. We have seen her immense good performances and we think that her decision to change her career was very right.


5.    Aleia Hobbs

Another athlete is from America. Last on our list but the very experienced and good one. She was born in the month of February in the year 1996.

She won gold in the 4×100 metre relay in the year 2022 in Eugene at the World Championships.  She also achieved one gold in the 4×100 metre relay in the year 2019 in Yokohama at the World Relays.