Top 5 Female Badminton Players

Badminton is a very common and popular sport. The game is played between two teams with the help of rackets and a shuttlecock. For a competitive view of this game, it is played indoors.


This game requires a good physique, skills, mental health as well as knowledge about this particular game. This is not only played by males but we have many females too who have built their name in this sport and have made their countries and their people proud.


So, we should have a brief knowledge of some of the gems we have in this field. Hence, let’s discuss this.


1.    Akane Yamaguchi

The first player on the list is Akane Yamaguchi, a professional badminton player from Japan. She was born on the 6th of June in 1997. She professionally entered a competition in 2012 at Osaka International Challenge.


In 2010 she topped the National Junior Championship of Japan. She also represented Japan at the Asian Junior Championships in South Korea, in 2012. She also won gold in 2013 at Nanjing in the mixed doubles format of Badminton.


2.    Tai Tzu-Ying

The second player on the list is Tai Tzu-Ying, a professional player from Taiwan. She was born on the 20th of June in 1994. In 2016, she grabbed the first position all over the world in the single’s format. She achieved a silver medal in the Olympic Games in 2020 Tokyo in the women's single game.


She also achieved two gold and one bronze at the Asian Championships all in the women’s singles. Her father was the director of the badminton committee at Kaohsiung and she was influenced and encouraged by her father to choose badminton as her career.


3.    An Se Young

The next player is An Se Young, a professional badminton player from South Korea. She was born on the 5th of February 2002. In 2019, she was honored as the Most Promising Player of the Year.


In 2022 she won a Bronze medal at Tokyo in the World Championships in women’s singles. She also achieved gold at Bangkok in the Uber Cup in 2022. In 2017 she also won a gold medal in Jakarta at the Asian Junior Championships.


4.    Chen Yufei

Our next player on the list is Chen Yufei, is a professional player in badminton from China. She was born on the 1st of March in 1998. She started playing internationally in the year 2013.


In 2017 she was awarded the Eddy Choong Most Promising player of that year. She started her career in 2013. She has a record of 299 wins in her total career. She won gold at the Olympic Games in 2020 Tokyo.


5.    Carolina Marin

Last on the list is Carolina Marin, a professional player from Spain. She was born on the 15th of June 1993. She has won European Champion 6 times and three times at the World Championships.


She is an Olympic Games Champion for the year 2016 at Rio de Janeiro in the women’s singles. She has achieved one gold in girls’ singles in 2011 and one silver in 2009 at European Junior Championships which were held in Vantaa and Milan respectively.