Top Female Baseball Players

Baseball is a sport played with a baseball bat and a ball. The sport is played between two teams and each team contains nine teammates. This sport is the same as cricket, involving batting, bowling, and fielding.

This game was almost taken over by men but we have many amazing female players too. In 1867 the 1st professional team for women was formed and the name was Dolly Vardens of Philadelphia. We have made a list of the topmost female baseball players.


1.    Doris Sams

The first one on the list is Doris Sams, from America who was born in February in 1927 and died in the year 2012. Sams was an all-rounder, she was a very good batter, a bowler as well as a great fielder. She was also recognized by the name “Sammye.”

Doris played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1946 till the year 1953; she was a great pitcher and an outfielder from America. She made her debut in 1946. In the years 1947 and 1949 she was honored with the player of the year.


2.    Eri Yoshida

Our next player is from Japan, who was born in January 1992. She plays a knuckleball pitcher and she was a specialist in this. When she was 14 she learned to knuckleball by herself by watching matches of her ideal Tim Wakefield on TV.

At the age of 16, she was honored as the first woman who was drafted by a men’s team which was a professional team in Japan. She has played for many of the male teams in many of the Japanese leagues and tournaments and for the United States.


3.    Connie Wisniewski

Third, in the list, we have mentioned Connie, from America who was born in February in 1922 and died in 1995. She had a career span from 1944 till the year 1952. She also earned the nickname the Polish Rifle.


She has played in the All-American Girls League for professional Baseball. She earned the Player of the Year award in 1945. She has also achieved All-Star Team four times. Her fans recognized her by the name “Iron Woman.”


4.    Ila Borders

Ila placed at the fourth position on the list is a professional baseball player who was born in February 1975 in California. She was the first woman ever who played in an independent professional league in Baseball in 1997.

She also became the first-ever woman baseball player who started the men’s baseball game professionally in 1998 and after some months she was the first woman who holds the record of a win in men’s baseball.


5.    Jean Faut

Last on the list is Jean Faut, from America who was born in November 1925. She played in the All-American Girls league as a professional baseball from 1946 till the year 1953.

She is a two-time holder of the Player of the year in 1951 and for the year 1953. She has set many records in a single season. She achieved two no-hitters, two perfect games in leagues, and many other awards.