Afghanistan Cricket Team, Rashid Khan


Afghanistan’s dream is to win the T20 World Cup says Rashid

Rashid Khan, who plays in almost every T20 league around the world and is one of the first picks on every team sheet, feels that his country has come a long way since they started off. He has always helped raise the level of cricket in Afghanistan. Rashid believes the Afghanistan cricket team has the talent and skills to achieve a lot and only needs regular cricket against top nations to get there.

At this point, he feels that the biggest achievement for country will be to win the ICC T20 World Cup.

“I think the biggest achievement (for Afghanistan) should be, right now, what the team is looking for, what the country is expecting is, to win the T20 World Cup,” Khan, the country’s biggest cricketer, said.

“We have all the skills, talent, and we just need to have that belief in ourselves that we can do it. Talent-wise we are so good, we have the spinners, we have the fast bowlers, we have the batting skills as well. “But what took us down in that Test (against India) was our experience against big teams, because we didn’t play enough cricket with them.”

Source:- Times of India