An Seyoung won Indian Open Title

An Seyoung won against Akane Yamaguchi who is a 2-time world champion.  An Seyoung has now become the first-ever woman from Korea to win the Indian Open Title which was held on the 22nd of January, 2023.

She is a very young player around 20 years old. She kept fighting since last week in a three-game summit clash that happened at the Malaysian open. She attacked and defended at the right time with very good shots which led her to victory over the very great Japanese player Akane Yamaguchi.


Seyoung has given the statement, “she already knows that the matches will be going to be more difficult and the ground will become the battleground.” This statement was given after her match which was 72 min long.


An Seyoung is at the rank four in the world. In the last few years, she has won many women's singles and she has also defeated many of the world-famous and great players from around the globe in badminton.


On Saturday the Chinese athlete He Bingjiao was also defeated by this dynamic player. This Chinese athlete He Bingjiao has won two bronze medals amongst the World Champions

After proceeding to the finals with 4 losses, An Seyoung didn’t get off to a strong and good start. After the score tied at 6 of 6 points, Akane Yamaguchi took the lead and very easily she finished the game very nicely.

Following the court lines,  An Seyoung tied up 8 off 8 points. This Korean player was again trailing by two points at the half of the second round. Her coach Sung Ji Hyun boosted her up and guided her at every step and then she tried to play and gain points by playing from different angles.


By using drops and reverse slices in the game, An Seyoung forced her opponent to run around every corner in the Badminton Court. The opponent player who is one of the greatest players from Japan missed the lines and stumbled at the net and the Korean player is now forced to be the deciding candidate of the game.

If we see the third round, both the players were playing with the same intention of winning and the same energy. An Seyoung gave her best performance in the second and third rounds in comparison to the first.


If we talk about An Seyoung,she is a South Korean player and was born in the month of February 2002. She received  the Most Promising Player of the Year by the BWF in the year 2019. She joined the National Team of Korea in the year 2018.

She also became the first-ever women player who was very young, a junior high school going student to join the national team of Korea.