“Blessing from God” says Mr. Pandya

img source:timesofindia.indiatimes.com

“Blessing from God,” says Mr. Pandya

Well, we congratulate this cricket ace ‘Hardik Pandya’ on becoming a dad at present. He has also shared his awestruck moment, holding his kid with a bright smile on his face.

On Thursday he took it social media to post a picture with his baby and thanking his partner for the lovely surprise to him.

The post went viral in no time and fans are applauding in his celebration. Hardik was also seen sitting in the driver's seat with diapers lying on the back seat, which was again very adorable to see.

Pandya has yet not been seen on the field since his injury and now pandemic. But he seems to be on cloud nine after becoming a proud father.

We wish to see you on the ground master!