Changes are to be expected in 2021-2022 cricket matches


Changes are to be expected in 2021-2022 cricket matches

COVID is in the air hence precautions are a must!

Due to the devastating condition of the pandemic, BCCI is all into its safe shelter in letting go of the matches by postponing the schedules, since march which has the postponement of the 13th edition of IPL in this case.

Since the lockdown is continuing due to the COVID surge, BCCI fails to continue with the matches that were supposed to hold in the mid-July.

This has been said by those tracking developments.

“Please remember, without the central government and respective state government approvals, the BCCI cannot do anything,"

The board is also said to schedule the start of IPL next year to ensure that all matches are played at prime time and stakeholders can earn the most of their earning.

"Changes will be made to that schedule too. England is likely to play three Tests in India instead of five, followed by five T20s and five ODIs. That will also help compensate the host broadcaster who lost the India-South Africa series in March due to COVID,".

Let's see what's there in store for cricket