Dutee Chand Suspended

Dutee Chand is an athlete, or we can say a professional sprinter. Her reports have tested positive for having prohibited substances in her body due to this she has been provisionally suspended.  She is a 26-year-old girl; her urine sample was taken for a test before her run.

She has the second position in the 100m and 200m races at Asian Games held in the year 2018. She has got AAF which means adverse analytical findings for “ligandrol”, “andarine” and “ostarine”.  This statement has been officially issued by NADA which means National Anti Doping Agency.

The sample was collected on 5 December in the previous year. According to the research, the substances which have been tested in her body are those which are generally misused by athletes to improve their performance in the race.


The substances found are enhancement drugs, used to stimulate the receptors of androgen in the bone and the muscles of the body. This leads to bone and muscle growth.

An agency stated in the letter given to the Dutee that “We do hereby inform you that your sample A which of urine was tested in NDTL, National Dope Testing Laboratory by the procedures instructed by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) which is an International Standard Of Laboratory and we found some of the prohibited drugs stated below.’’


The letter also stated the consequences of Dutee Chand’s failed test. Further, the letter mentioned that we hereby inform you to read the letter very carefully which provides very crucial information.


If we talk about her, she is currently the champion in 100 meters races or events. She was a student of Law.  She is in the third position who has ever qualified for the 100 meters by a woman at the Summer Olympic Games.


She is the first woman to win a gold medal at Universiade, in which she completed 100 meters in just 11.32 seconds.  In the year 2016, she was also appointed as the Assistant Manager in the government-run OMC which means Odisha Mining Corporation.


She was the first ever athlete who came out as a member of the LGBTQ community, as she openly spoke about her relationship with the same sex in the year 2019. She has also then given the statement that the Indian Supreme Court has taken the decision to decriminalize gay or we can say same-sex relationship in 2018.

This gave her strength and encouraged her to speak about her sexuality. Her career started in the year 2012 when she became National Champion in the less than 18 age category.

She came in third position and won bronze in 200 meters race in the year 2013 Asian Athletics Championships which was held in Pune.  In the year 2014, she won 2 gold medals in the 200-meter race and 800-meter relays held at Asian Junior Athletics Championships.

Source: Sportsmole