End of Chinese Sponsorship in IPL

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End of Chinese Sponsorship in IPL

The Chinese projections: It is all slammed and jammed.

Not only the major applications but at present each and every organization is closing doors for the Chinese dealing. Like now we can see how the cricket space is buzzing china off from IPL.

This is critical as it happened to be the tensed valor between the two countries after the brutal death of the 20 Indian soldiers at the Galway valley on June 15. Kings 11 Punjab owner Ness Wadia took this quick decision.

Wadia quoted saying "it is our moral responsibility to stand with the nation at this hour".

"If I was the BCCI president, I would say find me an Indian sponsor for the upcoming season.

"Indian companies need to step up and see the same benefits and opportunities that Chinese companies have seen in the IPL, which is the best T20 league in the world."

Wadia also added to this conversation saying,

"If India plays its card right, it can really be the superpower it desires to be," he observed.

"Personally I don't like to buy Chinese products because they are sub-standard. The focus has to be on making Indian and buying Indian. China produces such large volumes and suffocates the world, it has to stop. We should put all our efforts into making India a manufacturing hub.

"I travel around the country a lot. If we don't stop the influx of cheap Chinese goods and are not firm in what we are doing, Indian manufacturing will die”.

Source:- https://www.indiatoday.in