Clare Connor

Former England captain Clare Connor to turn into MCC's 1st female president ever in the history

As per the unknown source updates, Claire Connor is all ready to become the first-ever female president of the Marylebone Cricket Club. Check out the following news info!

England as a country and a part of the United Kingdom shares borders with Whales and Scotland. It's also the largest country in the entire globe hence it needs the organization as well as the cooperation of belief and incredibility for its working.

Therefore, England is all geared up to make a warm welcome for its new MCC’s female president. 

Claire Connor’ is the new president of the MCC org. She is also about to replace the former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara, to lead the panel.

She quoted saying  "I am deeply honored to be named the next president of MCC”.

"Cricket has enriched my life so deeply already, and now it hands me this wonderful privilege."


MCC is one of the most privileged organizations and heads into the overall work being the moderator and curator of the entire process.

We congratulate the new president!

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