Olympic Pole

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How training with baked beans helped an Olympic pole vaulter through lockdown

Training with baked beans is somewhat a very unique way of practising for the Olympic Pole Vaulter, Well there are no as such practising space available therefore this is the best way as we can see.

She had reached the final match at London as well. A great player indeed she is, she played for RIO also but now since the games are postponed, there are loads of things that are needed to be in place be it the sanitisation or the hygiene.

She said ““Sprinters can find a patch of grass and go through the motions but it’s so hard for me to replicate anything,” said the 28-year-old, who will look to add to the 864 Olympic and Paralympic medals won since the introduction of National Lottery funding in 1997, should she qualify for Tokyo 2020.

Source:- independent.co.uk

“Scott and I were bouncing ideas off each on Zoom and tried to find something to simulate the weight of carrying a full pole.

“We landed on strapping a tin of baked beans to the end of a little stick to give it the weight and feel of a pole. It ended up working really well.

“The most surreal moment was taking part in a Zoom quiz where you had to run around your house and find certain items.

“One of them was baked beans and I realised the only tin of baked beans I had was strapped to a pole in my garage!

We are proud of her being so dedicated towards her work.