Indian Badminton Stars are becoming the new artists


Indian Badminton Stars are becoming the new artists

With every individual comes great persistence and our badminton players are equally proving that.

Moreover with no more tournaments and practice sessions, our greatest badminton player PV Sindhu is channelizing her time in putting her time into artistry. Therefore, she has taken all her brushes out started painting beautifully.

She said quoting ““I started painting for fun during the lockdown. I used to really like drawing when I was younger and would do it in my diaries,” said the 25-year-old from Hyderabad. “So, I thought I will try one on canvas using acrylic colours because I had never done it before and it turned out to be so exciting. I feel so nice and happy while doing it. I really enjoy it and have already done nine so far.”


This is so great seeing players like this. We are really proud of you.