IPL final to be postponed due to Coronavirus

img source:economictimes.indiatimes.com

IPL final to be postponed due to Coronavirus

Pandemic is circling everywhere with its bad phase of lifestyle therefore various organizations, as well as businesses, are getting affected in this case.

Similarly, IPL and BCCI are also having their own set of regulations to get over this but the surge is on. BCCI has also confirmed that the IPL 2020 has been postponed evidently in this case. 

It's going on since march that all the necessary districts, locality as well as states are closed. Moreover, Mr. Modi said that "Till 20th April, all districts, localities, states will be closely monitored, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States which will not let hotspots increase, they could be allowed to let some important activities resume, but with certain conditions,"

Source:- https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/

Therefore IPL has again taken a back seat in this case and the entire sports still suffer. 

Well, let's see how the games are now taking place in this COVID