MS Dhoni


MS Dhoni Set to produce a mythological Sci-Fi Web-Series

Former India cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who ventured into the entertainment industry with a documentary series as producer last year, will next be seen producing a mythological sci-fi web-series. Dhoni Entertainment, the media company founded by the former World Cup winning captain who announced his retirement from international cricket in August, produced their debut project the documentary series "Roar of the Lion" in 2019. 

The cricketer's wife Sakshi Dhoni, who is the managing director of the production house, said the upcoming series is a "thrilling adventure". 

"The book is a mythological sci-fi which explores the journey of a mysterious Aghori who has been captured at a high-tech facility. The secrets revealed by this Aghori could alter the myths of the ancient, beliefs of the existing and course of the forthcoming. 

"We would like to ensure that we execute all the aspects of this universe and bring out every character and story to the screen, with as much precision as possible. Web-series fit our purpose better than adapting it into a feature film," she said. 

Source:- NDTV Sports