Nick Kyrgios in a cut to cut conversation with Borna Coric


Nick Kyrgios in a cut to cut the conversation with Borna Coric

Borna Coric as well as Nick Kyrgios are one of the most acclaimed as well as experienced Tennis players in the entire space.

But in a recent match, Kyrgios has slammed Borna Coric for grabbing an “Intellectual level of zero”. Kyrgios also claimed Coric being a ‘Blockhead’ as well as a Dunce in not acting to some certainties. Coric is also one of the four players who have been tested positive for Coronavirus. 

Coric again has a reputation of being hot-headed on the field. Moreover, he was fired back then during the previous tournament. 

Well, Kyrgios wrote saying “s" Just as I thought, Coric intellectual level = 0," he added, ending his tweet with an emoji of a doughnut.

On that Coric reverted saying “I read what he wrote but I don’t care”.


Well, this is something to have a look at!