No Tokyo Olympics or Winter games said by IOC member


No Tokyo Olympics or Winter games said by IOC member

Tokyo Olympics as well as the Beijing Winter games are about to get postponed due to the COVID 19 crisis. This Pandemic has led to the game getting played off for the further months. 

Since the COVID vaccine also hasn’t bestowed into the country and the infection rise has kept a fatal reaction on the people. It is very important to look into safety and hygiene. Therefore the games are being delayed in this case.

Beijing games are being highly affected due to pandemic as said by Pound, who is an international Olympic committee member. 

Now the winter Olympics are scheduled for February 4 to 20, 2022. "If you are a conspiracy theorist, you might say well, the WHO is strongly influenced by China and them probably without smirking too much go to a WHO meeting, from which the U.S. will no longer be associated, and say this isn't positive health

"There could be the largest number of cases in the world and it would be dangerous having Americans coming to China.

Let's see how it goes with the games. We are waiting for the next update on this.