Rafael Nadal is out from the game due to an Injury

On Thursday, Rafael Nadal announced that he will be not playing for six to seven weeks as an injury took place on Wednesday. He sustained an injury during the second round of the Australian Open.. He is a defending champion. He has won the Grand Slam around 22 times.


On Wednesday he lost his match in the second round of the Australian Open which was against Mackenzie McDonald of the USA with the scores 6 off 7, 6 off 4, and 7 off 5. He is believed to be the most consistent and excellent player the world has ever got.


He had an MRI scan on his left leg on Thursday in Melbourne, and the scan states that he had a two-grade injury in the Iliopsoas; this is the primary hip injury.


His teammates have given the statement that “He will take rest for the next coming days and will do physiotherapy so that he can improve his health and his injury will be okay.” His injury will take at least some weeks to months to recover.

He won the first Grand Slam of this year but got affected by an injury and this injury not only affects his body but his performance too got down due to this. This injury has given his first-ever worst performance from the last seven years and this affected his Grand Slam performance too.


He is from Spain and he is 36 years old. He was already struggling with his hip injury from the last few days. He continued to play after some time, but couldn’t match up his previous energy to play like that again.


Rafael has said earlier already that he is not confirmed or sure what exactly was the problem. Is it a joint problem or a muscle problem with his hip? But he has given the statement that this problem is from some days with him.

He said that it is sometimes very frustrating, sometimes it is very difficult to accept and sometimes I feel tired whenever any injury happens. He is quite very sad after facing this injury. He really hopes that the injury will not take a long time to recover from and he will be definitely playing on the court after a few months.



He also gave the statement that “it is not about the recovery, it is about the work he will be doing afterward to come back at the same level and play again like he was playing earlier.”


The gap from the court of six to seven weeks will allow Rafael Nadal to recover faster and return to his game in very good time and condition. He will definitely return before the clay season of court and as the French Open will be held from the end of May till the start of June, and he definitely has a great and strong comeback.

Source: Nytimes