Sania Mirza’s Last Grand Slam

Pride of India, the famous tennis player, Sania Mirza played the last Grand Slam of her career today which is the 27th of January, 2023. She got a bit emotional on her last match, which was the mixed doubles final, which happened on Friday.


This match was the last match of her career and she finished it by creating a history of winning 6 Grand Slams titles. Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna got defeated in today’s final match. They were both defeated by two players who were from Brazil named Rafael Matos and Luisa Stefani.


The points were 6 off 7 and in the second 2 off 6 as a result India got defeated today. The final mixed doubles match was played at Rod Laver Arena. In the semifinals, Sania Mirza told many amazing facts about her match and her partner in the game Rohan Bopanna.


She told that day that Rohan Bopanna was her first partner in the mixed doubles format of Tennis when she was just fourteen years old. And now we both have grown old. I'm currently thirty-six years old and Rohan is forty-two years old.


If we talk about Sania’s rewards professionally in this field, she has won in total 6 grand slams in the double format players championships. She also won three in the mixed-player format which also includes the Australian Opens of 2009.


According to the official announcement given by Sania Mirza, she will retire next month from all formats of Tennis. She will be playing the last game of her career which will take place in Dubai.


Sonia has also given the statement “I might cry, but it will definitely be happy tears.” She then said that she doesn’t want to carry away the moment from the players Rafael and Luisa who truly justify at that time.


If we talk about the journey of Sania Mirza in the Grand Slam, the first match of her Grand Slam career was in Melbourne and the last match of her career also will be in Melbourne. Almost around eighteen years ago when she was thirty-six years old she attempted her first Grand Slam in Melbourne.


In her first match of the Grand Slam she was beaten up in the single format, the match was a draw. The match was against Serena Williams and we all know what a champion she is. Serena Williams was a champion in 2005 in the 3rd round of that tournament.


Sania Mirza’s last tournament made everyone emotional in a way. Today social media platforms showed many messages regarding her. Fans send a lot of emotional messages to the queen of Tennis. Sania Mirza finally said the final goodbye to the Grand Slam.


Some messages said you will always be the queen of this sport and some said you have made a wonderful career in this sport. Some fans said, thank you for inspiring many girls to take up this sport as a career. Sania Mirza is truly an inspiration and the pride of our nation, India. We wish her good luck for her future.