Shikhar Dhawan son giving fruits to animal is super adorable


Shikhar Dhawan son giving fruits to an animal is super adorable

Indian ace cricketer Shikhar Dhawan shared a beautiful video of his son feeding animals. He majorly took it to twitter to bestow such a lawless clip. 

In the video his son is been seen feeding mangoes and bananas to monkeys and calves with elders surrounding his cute mischief.

Dhawan also said “Feeding animals brings pure joy to our entire family. Zoraver was a bit nervous but he enjoyed every second out here,"

It is clearly seen how Mr. Dhawan is taking the rare joy in this pandemic.  In another video, he had taken the pleasure of ‘Horse riding’. He said “Teaching Zoraver the joy of horseback riding. He enjoyed time spent with his new friend," 


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