Stimac provided constant support: SandeshJhingan


Stimac provided constant support: SandeshJhingan

As we all know about the Lockdown which is engulfing the businesses. SandeshJinghan kept going with his hardwork. He previously had an immense injury which made him a bit weak but now as he is coping up. It is going to be a tough job to start from the beginning.

“He was the only one who showed up when I got operated. He was in the city for a television stint, but after a three-hour flight from Delhi, he drove for almost three more hours to get to the hospital. Then he had to drive back another three hours, thanks to the traffic,” this was mentioned by the Kerela Blasters captain as well.

Stimac supported SandeshJhingan with his courage lended over while he was in the hospital. 

What a great well being with the support and courtesy in this case.