Virat Kohli can break record of Sachin Tendulkar: Said Brad Hogg


Virat Kohli can break the record of Sachin Tendulkar: Said Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg had always praised Virat Kohli for his performance and contribution towards cricket moreover he also commented that his fitness level is up to the mark at all times.

At present Virat Kohli has been ranked at number 1 in the ICC list of cricketers. Hogg also mentioned that Virat Kohli can cross the Tendulkar mark of the score as well because Tendulkar scored 70 centuries and more in his career.

Hogg quoted saying the following "Of course he can. Fitness levels today are a lot better when Sachin Tendulkar started. They get a lot of help with quality fitness trainers. They have also got a lot of physios and doctors on board. Any niggle that is starting to happen people can get on top of it straight away,"


Moreover, Kohli has so far played about 86 tests, scoring about 7,240 runs with 27 centuries on average. 

He has a long way to go!

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