Virus Vaccine key for the upcoming Olympics


Virus Vaccine key for the upcoming Olympics

As you all know about the COVID surge, people are much concentrating on the vaccine that may be the key to the end of the virus.

Moreover, Tokyo is yet to open the Olympic 2020 game in a year’s time Organising committee president Yoshiro Mori said this on Wednesday.

Mori said, “it would be whether the coronavirus woe is settling down." He also added into this saying “Specifically, the first point will be that a vaccine or drug has been developed”

The games are all set to open on Friday, as the games were postponed in the month of March. Mori made an extended comment for the fans, he said  "If it's the only way to do it, then it's something we'd to consider. If that happens, there might be the talk of cancellation”


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