ICC should change 5 things before the next WTC starts

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ICC should change 5 things before the next WTC starts

The inaugural World Test Championship that started in 2019 is all set to be over on 22nd June this year through the final between India and New Zealand, to be held at Hampshire Bowl in Southampton. 

The inaugural edition of the WTC is going to end comprising a few controversial issues where one of the issues was how the teams could not complete their matches to make the final in 2021. Many series had to be called off due to the Covid-19 pandemic and after the end of the final the organizer of the event, ICC must be sitting once again to assess the experiments those were implemented as well as they must discuss the changes before the next edition of WTC starts.

Let us look at ICC should change 5 things before the next WTC starts. 

1. Points’ percentage system

At the time of the announcement of WTC, all the teams had to play for 720 points, taking part in six series. Each series were valued at 120 points. But due to the pandemic and cancellation of the series, it was realized that all the series could not be finished by July 2021. ICC, instead of going ahead to complete the event with its primary announcement, brought a new rule where the top two teams would be decided on the points' percentage system. But this new rule has a major fault and it is only applicable where all the teams play equal matches. 

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2. An equal number of matches for each team

The WTC began with the Ashes series where Australia and England took part in a five-Test series. At the same time, India toured West Indies for a two-Test series. In this system, England gained 24 points while India, having defeated West Indies earned 120 points. Questions have come up with the disparity of numbers in the Test series between the participating countries in WTC. Ashes series is played with five tests. India generally plays four-test series with Australia while New Zealand and Sri Lanka generally do not take part in more than three-Test series. There must be a system where ICC has to ensure that all the teams will be playing in an equal number of Tests so that disparity does not come up in the points sharing system also. It should be one of ICC that should change 5 things before the next WTC starts.

3. More teams should be introduced and grouped into two divisions

The ICC has 12 full members who have eligibility to play Test. Ireland and Afghanistan have earned Test status in 2018 but both the countries have played three and six Tests, respectively. Only nine teams were included in the first WTC. But instead, if 12 teams are allowed to take part then they can be divided into two groups, and n that case each team in each group can play an equal number of matches before qualifying for the knock-out stage from the last-eight phase to the final. 

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4. The final

Questions have come up with one final for the event. The fans as well as several cricket specialists have opined that they had thought that best-of-three matches would be organized to decide the champion in an event that spanned for almost two years as is Australia the ODI series takes place through the best-of-three matches in the final. This can be one of ICC should change 5 things before the next WTC starts. 

5. One broadcaster instead of multiple broadcasters

Star Sports, broadcaster of all ICC events did not telecast matches between Australia and New Zealand. This was a major fault ICC realized while organizing the WTC. In the case of any bilateral Test series, the host countries sell the broadcasting rights and they can sell it at a good price but in specific countries. But if ICC can start selling broadcasting rights of WTC to a single broadcaster then anybody anywhere in the world can watch all the matches of the competition, subscribing to a single network. This helps the organizer to make a better engagement in many countries as well as helps the broadcaster to market the competition properly. 

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